Tenant Resources Section

We do more than just manage rental properties - we take extra good care of the people who live in them.

Through the insight of our partners at Long & Foster Real Estate, we understand just what tenants want in a home and how to exceed their expectations. Through our years of property management experience, we know that comfortable, well-maintained homes make for happier tenants, so that’s what we work hard to provide you.

Applying for a Rental Property

Interested in one of our rentals? Simply apply online and our team will evaluate your application, following our standard selection criteria. We’ll then present the information to the property owner, who selects their new tenant based on various qualifications, perception of risk and compatibility of terms. If multiple applications are received for a rental property, our team and the owner review each application before the owner chooses the new tenant.

Signing Your Lease

Once your application’s approved, you’ll sign the lease and provide certified funds to cover your security deposit and first month’s rent. Until that occurs, the property remains available to other prospective tenants.

Paying Your Rent

We make it easy to pay your rent with our online tenant portal. Simply log into your account and submit your rent payment. You can also mail your rent to us at:

Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.
Residential Property Management
P.O. Box 222006
Chantilly, VA 20153-2006

or drop off payments at our Chantilly, Virginia, headquarters (address below).

Please note: Overnight mail deliveries cannot be accepted at the P.O. Box address. For overnight mail payments, please use the following address:

Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.
Residential Property Management
14501 George Carter Way, Suite 320
Chantilly, VA 20151

Living with a Roommate

If you’re sharing your new home with roommates, you should know that each tenant on the lease is responsible for the obligations of all others. This means that the full rent payment is due on the first day of each month regardless of who pays or in what proportion.

Taking Care of Your Rental Home

When are you responsible for property repairs, and when the owner is responsible? While your rights and responsibilities vary by state, you’ll find all the specifics in your rental lease agreement and tenant handbook.

Here are a couple things you’ll be responsible for as a tenant:

  • Handle minor maintenance, such as periodically changing HVAC filters and replacing smoke alarm batteries
  • Maintain the lawn and exterior of your rental property, regularly mowing, weeding and mulching

What’s outside your responsibility?
Major repairs, such as issues with the HVAC and water heater or those affecting health and safety, are the responsibility of the property owner, and we’ll handle those with them directly and as quickly as possible to remedy the situation.